SignManager has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Brand Management in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Brand Management [BMA] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in brand management.

“To be recognised as a leader in the Brand Management space is an honour. It represents the culmination of hundreds of years of combined branding knowledge, expertise, and dedication to delivering national facility branding projects. Our initiatives have the same core goal – to empower our clients to make better decisions around managing their brand across all their locations. We provide systems and resources to provide consistency in brand application and strategies to care for the presentation of our client’s brand for its entire life and we are proud to manage the brand requirements for some of Australia’s biggest organisations. We have always been passionate brand custodians and to continue to find new ways to deliver value through branding initiatives is a testament to that passion.”

Alan Hadley, Director, SignManager

Established in 1999, SignManager has 300+ years of combined experience providing intelligent signage solutions to over 400 of Australia’s largest corporations (Australia Post, Starbucks, Coles, Target). At its core, SignManager plans, manages and implements seamless, cost-effective and time-efficient signage projects, managing 300,000 assets across 25,000 sites for corporate brands in Australia, NZ and the US.

When interacting with a brand today, the customer may start in the virtual world (e.g., see an ad, click through to a brand’s website, and then visit Google Maps to locate a store) and end in the physical world (e.g., in-store). The bridge between these two worlds is often neglected because different marketing fields operate in silos. As a result, the customer journey from the online world to the physical world is rarely seamless, which can disrupt the path to purchase. To address this, award-winning provider SignManager is carving out a new vertical that seeks to close the brand consistency gap between physical and virtual brand experiences.

SignManager has chosen to initially focus on the journey from Google Maps/Google My Business to the physical store – a critical step in the pathway to purchase. The challenge is that customers often struggle to locate a physical store, despite utilising Google Maps/Google My Business, demonstrating a clear gap in the journey. If the store isn’t visible from the street, is located in a shopping centre or precinct, has its entrance on an adjoining or parallel street, or is otherwise difficult to find in person. This can drastically increase the chances of the customer dropping out of the sales cycle while creating a frustrating brand experience.

By uploading contextual imagery and on-brand virtual signage to clients’ Google Profiles (Google Maps/Google My Business), SignManager has identified a unique opportunity to take customers on a journey that seamlessly crosses from the physical world to the online world (and multiple touchpoints in between). High-resolution, contextual imagery creates associations between environments and landmarks and helps customers find their way while enhancing the overall brand experience.

SignManager uses its knowledge, experience, resources and data to connect these two market segments, making it easier for clients to achieve consistency across physical and digital channels. While the initiative is still in its early stages, SignManager has already uploaded 4000+ photos to Google Profiles for 20 clients, generating over 45 million impressions.

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