JCurve Solutions

JCurve Solutions has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Cloud Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2016. The Australian Business Award for Cloud Innovation recognises leading cloud products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

JCurve is an integrated cloud-based business management platform designed to provide small-to-medium businesses with a scalable software suite that grows with their business. Released in 2009, JCurve aims to provide a seamless transition from small-business focused software suites so that growing pains such as bottlenecked processes can be minimised.

JCurve was designed with the understanding that successful businesses grow quickly and thus often run into growing pains as the demands of their operations outgrow their business management processes. This results in bottlenecks that reduce productivity and bolt-on software solutions that are difficult to manage and don’t integrate properly. JCurve was created specifically to solve these problems, marketing itself to small-to-medium businesses as an all-in-one cloud accounting and enterprise resource planning solution.

JCurve has been designed to provide business owners with inventory management, customer service, sales support and shipping assistance through a data-driven system that provides full visibility and KPI tracking. By placing an emphasis on scalability, the platform is designed to be able to grow with its clients rather than limiting them whilst also offering ease-of-transition to small businesses upgrading. This is achieved through a license agreement with NetSuite that enables JCurve to provide big software to small businesses at a price reasonable to small business budgets.

The platform was designed as a cloud-based solution, which provides business managers and accountants with real-time data, flexible access to the system and free software upgrades. System logins are provided to the business and accountants, with the JCurve system providing flexible permissions functionality to suit individual roles and responsibilities within the business.

Furthering its emphasis on user accessibility, JCurve has been designed with templates for businesses to fast-track their software transition, but also provides a customizable interface for later adjustment as processes expand. The platform supports between 1-20 users, however, once that limit is hit the platform has been designed to seamlessly progress to NetSuite’s mid-market edition without changing systems. Software updates are also provided free of charge through JCurve’s cloud-based system and there is no limit on transactions.