BPO Intelligence – Easy Direct Marketing

BPO Intelligence – Easy Direct Marketing has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Marketing Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2016. The Australian Business Award for Marketing Innovation recognises leading marketing products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

“Remaining relevant in a competitive and evolving print and digital communications industry requires innovation and human ingenuity, both of which are key components in our ongoing business strategy.

“Winning the Marketing Innovation category at the 2016 Australian Business Awards for our cross-media marketing technology, Easy Direct Marketing, is testament to our ability to lead with innovative marketing products and services that provide solutions for our clients’ needs.

“We are extremely proud of our innovative digital marketing campaigns and their proven ability to help our clients reduce costs and increase ROI; increase conversion rates, and save them time with personalised, customised and contextualised marketing, all run on autopilot.

“With our team of experts and industry leaders continuing to work hard on new products and innovations, we look forward to solidifying our position as a company committed to saving our clients’ time, and reducing their overall costs.”

Naresh Gulati, CEO, BPO Intelligence

Easy Direct Marketing is a software module which sits within a larger software system called Ascent One, which is designed to service the international education sector and in particular Universities, TAFE’s and private providers engaged in recruiting international students. This marketing solution combines personalised print, emails, SMS and PURLs (personalised URLs) with database-logic driven campaigns.

Easy Direct Marketing allows the client to run marketing campaigns on ‘auto-pilot’ and can effectively save clients valuable time and resources. By using Easy Direct Marketing, institutions can track enquiries through to enrolment, send out customised messages to students depending on nationality, course, study area and so on. Easy Direct Marketing improves conversation/action rates through personalised and contextualised communication, whilst saving on costs by utilising targeted technology.

The major features of this product are; converting student enquiries to student applications, converting student offers to enrolments, converting Alumni into donors and converting small donors to larger donors. Clients can essentially use the system to filter out non-responders and filter in prospects who have shown interest before sending print. Instead of running costly and wasteful direct marketing campaigns, Easy Direct Marketing allows clients to send personalised, relevant print only to those who are interested.