OFA Marketing Production – doohfa

OFA Marketing Production – doohfa has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Marketing Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2016. The Australian Business Award for Marketing Innovation recognises leading marketing products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

“Technical complexity is a key challenge for delivering dynamic creative content to digital screens. Each DOOH network may be using one of over 170 different technology solutions. And that’s only one piece of the puzzle when bringing together marketers, digital out-of-home networks and social media apps.

“By developing doohfa, we have made the delivery of DOOH content simple, clever and cost effective. It’s wonderful to have the value that doohfa brings to the out-of-home industry recognised by being awarded 2016 ABA100 Winner across three categories.

“The awards also recognise doohfa’s own transformation from our first iteration as a simple web form into a robust proven product. We have a clear vision for doohfa – to be a global leader in DOOH creative content delivery.”

Neice Waddington, doohfa Product Director, OFA Marketing Production

Launched officially in 2014, doohfa was designed by marketing production agency OFA to enable advertisers to dynamically update a branded layout with text and images for sharing to digital out-of-home billboards and screens.

OFA designed doohfa to solve identified issues in the area of digital out-of-home advertising, such as technical complexities, whilst providing added functionality in terms of dynamic content marketing. Challenged with balancing simplification and automation, OFA designed doohfa to require no coding, provide cloud-access from any web browser and to be device agnostic for any digital-out-of-home media player. The system aims to build on existing capabilities within client’s networks, with the belief that the shorter the leap for networks and brands to take, the more comfortably they are in doing so.

In essence, doohfa allows brands and networks to update and change the content displayed on digital-out-of-home advertising platforms while they are being displayed. The result is an experience that’s intended to be highly customizable and engaging whilst minimising technical requirements. To do this, doohfa provides clients with a form system that’s accessible through a web browser, allowing clients to book campaigns easily and maintain control over their branding. Custom templates are included that provide clients with as much, or as little, control over their branding as they want – with an understanding that brand integrity is of the utmost importance to marketers.

A ‘what you see is what you get’ preview system is designed to give clients a picture of exactly what is being delivered and seen on all digital-out-of-home networks at once. In addition, doohfa is developed to streamline creative development by centralising production, which aims to reduce production costs by sharing creative across networks. Doohfa’s production process also aims to have a super fast turn around so campaigns can be live in a matter of minutes.