Interactive Freight Systems – IFS SmartFreight®

Interactive Freight Systems – IFS SmartFreight® has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2016. The Australian Business Award for Product Excellence recognises leading products and services that provide exceptional solutions for new and existing market needs.

Interactive Freight Systems (IFS) is an independent organization specialising in the transport management software market. They provide customers with multi-carrier freight management solutions through their SmartFreight Enterprise, SmartFreight Professional and SmartFreight Express products.

IFS seek to differentiate themselves and their products through an emphasis on accessible, user friendly software platforms that are reliable, customizable and secure. To this end, IFS have developed their SmartFreight product range to incorporate free software upgrades, customizable branding, full archive capabilities and a track and trace system that provides full visibility freight tracking. IFS operate a highly secure closed data centre to facilitate the use of their SmartFreight products, adopting multiple internet service providers to maximize system redundancy.

IFS’s product range is designed to meet a variety of consumer needs within its market. SmartFreight express has been designed to become functional in 20 minutes with access to the worldwide web, whereas Professional and Enterprise solutions can be configured to operate across various existing network platforms. However, all IFS products are designed to be customizable to meet specific client needs with minimal changes to core code, which aims to ensure added functionality without compromise.

In addition to the business functionality of SmartFreight, IFS is committed to assisting customers with long term environmental sustainability and is working with Fuji Xerox to build and embed the ability to calculate the CO2 emissions footprint for freight shipped.