NetComm Wireless – Fixed Wireless

NetComm Wireless – Fixed Wireless has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Tech Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2016. The Australian Business Award for Tech Innovation recognises leading products and services that provide innovative technological solutions for new and existing market needs.

“Innovation is all about finding better ways to do things and we are pleased to have won the Technology Innovation award for our Fixed Wireless network terminating devices as we continue to work with our operator partners to bring high-speed broadband to rural, regional and outer-urban homes and businesses in Australia, the US and Europe.”

David Stewart, CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless

NetComm Wireless is a global provider of wireless solutions that are designed to enable a smarter world. Over the past 34 years, NetComm Wireless has evolved to provide regional homes and business in Australia and the US with fixed wireless broadband, where they previously had little or no coverage.

Emphasising innovation in its business practices, NetComm has adopted a horizontal organisational structure to provide it with the agility needed to quickly and efficiently engineer scalable wireless solutions for its customers. Focusing specifically on fixed wireless broadband and M2M wireless technologies, NetComm continue to strive towards identifying and subsequently solving the challenges its consumers face.

In 2009 one such challenge emerged when the Australian government embarked on a project with the objective of delivering high speed broadband to all Australians. A solution was needed to provide high speed broadband with reliable performance to the less populated rural and regional areas, where a fixed optical solution was not cost effective. NetComm Wireless were tasked with developing advanced Premises Wireless Network Termination Devices to connect rural and regional Australia to the 2.3Ghz wireless LTE broadband network.

The resulting NBN Fixed Wireless Access product is designed to leverage a selection of industry standard technologies with NetComm Wireless’ custom engineered Premises Wireless Network Terminating Device in a way that provides the fastest and most competitive high speed broadband services available. The system is configured to provide a consistent 25Mbps/5Mbps service and has been designed to be flexible to enable cost effective upgrades and expansions. This includes integration with fibre and satellite access networks, which deliver a common Ethernet Bit stream product across various access technologies.

Developed for the Australian market, the NBN Fixed Wireless network has passed over 290,000 Australian homes and businesses, corresponding to more than 67,000 Australians activating the service through their network providers.