JCurve Solutions Limited – JCurve ERP

JCurve Solutions Limited has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2017 for the research and development of JCurve ERP. The Australian Business Award for Product Excellence [PXA] recognises products and services of exceptional quality offering a point of difference from their competitors.

“At JCurve Solutions (JCS) we attribute the great success we are achieving to our investment in people, culture, values and customers. JCS has become known for its awesome culture, energetic team and delivering results. We’ve invested to create the foundations for people to do their best work; together.

“Values are made real at JCS. Everyone is not only encouraged but expected to challenge each other on actions and behaviours inconsistent with values focussed around teamwork, ownership and a sense of urgency.

“The team are very proud to once again be recognised as an Employer of Choice and Product Excellence.”

Stephen Canning, CEO, JCurve Solutions

JCurve ERP is an all-in-one, cloud-based Accounting and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution designed exclusively for growing small-to-medium (SME) sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand that are looking to streamline and automate their operations.

Fully integrated cloud business management software such as JCurve ERP is transforming how companies are run, enabling them to overcome those growing pains which previously held them back from taking their business success to the next level and seeing truly profitable growth. The team at JCurve Solutions (JCS) conducted an intensive brand exercise to review and understand what makes JCurve ERP unique, highly valued and positioned in the marketplace. A crucial result of the exercise was the development of JCurve ERP brand essence: “At the core of everything we do is empowering growth for customers.”

Business owners and managers gain visibility across their entire operations, allowing them to make decisions based on real-time data and trend information, rather than relying on outdated information or pure instinct. Dashboards, reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide a competitive advantage through clear visibility of the current status of business measurements vs targets, and highlighting areas of poor performance which need to be addressed and areas of high performance that should be capitalised on.

A key product differentiator setting JCurve ERP apart is the ability to have all functionality within the one system, leveraging the one database. Information is entered once and can then be used by all areas of the business. The ability to grow with our customers’ businesses to make their transitions through expansion is a key differentiator of the product that benefits our clients. They no longer have to change their software and re- implement after reaching a certain level of growth – once they hit the 20 user limit for JCurve ERP, they can seamlessly transition to a NetSuite mid-market edition.

The ROI of JCurve ERP can be achieved relatively quickly and the cloud delivery model allows IT cost reductions and increased employee productivity to see fast and dramatic improvements. As a business grows it can often slow down with process bottlenecks when staff are required to complete manual and repetitive time-consuming tasks that are prone to errors. Streamlined software can automate these activities and improve efficiency and profitability.

JCurve ERP’s real-time dashboards and broad variety of reporting options allow up-to-the- minute visibility to what is happening in the business, providing customers with more time to focus on growing their businesses.

For further information on JCurve ERP go to jcurve.com.au