GenWise has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Service Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2017. The Australian Business Award for Service Innovation [SIA] recognises service products that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

“GenWise is so proud to be the winners of the Product Innovation & Service Innovation categories at the 2017 ABA100 awards. To gain recognition at a national level for the work we are doing with GenWise Health is incredible. Winning this award will help to raise the profile of aged care in Australia and provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the GenWise doctors and nurses who care for thousands of older Australians every day.”

Dr Sebastian Rees, Co-Founder & Director, GenWise

GenWise is a Medicare registered Medical Practice and is accredited by AGPAL. They are the first clinic of its type to gain accreditation. GPs working with GenWise must be AHPRA registered, must have active membership with their professional board.

GenWise is an aged care specific mobile medical practice, supporting GPs to deliver the best care to patients wherever and whenever they are in need. GPs are faced with many challenges in the aged care sector including time constraints and the need for robust and specialised IT services. Their mandate is to build a streamlined, cost‐effective, purpose built online clinic platform to allow GPs to improve their efficiency and autonomy and feel supported at the same time.

The status quo in General Practice is for GPs to work from a brick and mortar clinic in partnership, association or as a contractor. The hours are fixed and the GP is required to share the costs of the overheads such as rent, electricity, staffing and consumables. GenWise challenges the status quo by providing GPs with a mobile clinical platform that they can use on the go, without ties to one physical location. They work any hours they choose which gives them flexibility not normally seen in General Practice  – a key differentiatorand value of GenWise. Most of GenWise’s primary customers are General Practitioners but Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists and Dermatologists have been users. GenWise’s mission is to serve GPs by providing them with efficient, reliable and supportive clinical tools which allows them to focus on providing the best care to patients.

GenWise provides GPs with all the business and administration tools required to work in Residential Aged Care Facilities. On the secure IT platform is the Electronic Medical Record software which has been tailored to the needs of an aged care GP. The software is used to record consults, access patient results and bill Medicare. GenWise’s IT systems are audited for security and backed up regularly, by dedicated IT team which is contracted to manage this aspect of the business.

GenWise has a back office set up to handle all invoicing, document handling and accounting necessary to run a medical practice. These services allow our customers (the health professional) to focus on their clinical work. Improved efficiency is achieved by having the key tools a GP requires at their fingertips. Their platform is accessible on any device, at any time. Notes are easily and securely shared with aged care staff via hard copy or electronically. A health professional simply consults a patient, makes a note and their work is done – GenWise does the rest.

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