Pitney Bowes – MapInfo Pro™ Advanced

Pitney Bowes has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Software Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2017 for the research and development of MapInfo Pro™ Advanced. The Australian Business Award for Software Innovation [SWR] recognises software products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

“We are extremely proud to be recipients of this award and to be recognised for our innovation in location analytics. The success of the MapInfo Pro solution is a reflection of Pitney Bowes’ continuing drive to deliver data insights which support business outcomes and enhance the customer experience.”

Nigel Lester, Managing Director, Software Solutions, ANZ, Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company powering billions of transactions, physical and digital, in the connected and borderless world of commerce. Clients around the world, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on products, solutions, services and data from Pitney Bowes in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping, mailing, and global ecommerce.

MapInfo Pro™ Advanced, an innovative mapping application created by Pitney Bowes, delivers next generation raster visualization, processing, and data storage capabilities in a fully integrated, user friendly software package.

MapInfo Pro™ Advanced elevates the comprehensive capabilities of MapInfo Pro – a world leading desktop mapping and Geographical Information System (GIS) into a next generation raster visualization and analysis solution. MapInfo Pro™ Advanced enables regular PC users to manage and consume massive volumes of virtually any raster (imagery) data encompassing aerial imagery, spectral and hyperspectral imagery from satellites, planes or drones, continuously varying measurements including elevation, temperature, moisture or potential fields and classified imagery where each raster cell is linked to multi-dimensional attribute information table. It provides a comprehensive set of process and analytical tools which enable anyone from those with minimal training to those with GIS technology expertise, to interpret and integrate this data and combine it with other enterprise data and services to solve complex problems and gain deeper business insights.

MapInfo Pro™ Advanced utilises a new, industry first, raster compression format called Multi Resolution Raster (MRR) which provides incredibly fast processing, visualisation and analysis of high resolution grid and imagery data, even when working at a global scale. It allows huge imagery data sets (such as satellite and aerial imagery) to be compressed so that it is extremely fast to work with. This type of technology has not been available before in the GIS industry and is a world first.

In addition to MapInfo Pro™ Advanced, Pitney Bowes has developed a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) that encapsulates all of the power of the core raster processing engine so customers can extend the capabilities of MapInfo Pro™ Advanced even further or build their own software products which can leverage the ease of use and scalability of the new raster processing engine and innovative storage format.

Pitney Bowes is a story of transformation and renewal, from a leader in the physical world to an innovator that combines the best of physical and digital solutions to redefine global commerce. At Pitney Bowes, the client is at the centre of all innovation across solutions, R&D, business processes and business models. Pitney Bowes is one of the only companies that enable global commerce with innovative physical and digital solutions for client success.

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