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Complexica – Touchless CRM has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for CRM Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2018. The Australian Business Award for CRM Innovation recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the field of customer relationship management.

Complexica is an Australian company specialising in enterprise software applications that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and big data to improve the effectiveness of sales & marketing activities, particularly for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers characterised by a large SKU range and long tail of customers. Complexica was founded upon the research of several world renown computer scientists, and has developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine called Larry, the Digital Analyst® that powers its enterprise software applications. Complexica maintains research partnerships with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, the University of Adelaide, and RMIT University, and also has a Scientific Advisory Board that includes international thought leaders in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Complexica’s software applications employ techniques from a range of fields, including deep learning, predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation and big data to solve complex business problems and deliver value.

Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM provides a single view of each customer, a historical record of all interactions, and a variety of reports, alerts, and notifications – all without burdening end users with data entry. As sales staff go about their job, “Touchless” CRM monitors their plans, tasks, and executed activities, and automatically updates the appropriate customer record (hence the name “Touchless”). The less time that sales teams spend updating CRM, the greater their compliance will be.

Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM integrates seamlessly with Complexica’s Order Management System (OMS) for generating “margin-optimised” quotes and orders, and with Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) for optimising sales activities and tasks, personalising conversations, and determining the “next best action” for each customer.

Like other CRM systems available today, Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM can provide a 360-degree view of each customer, a historical record of all interactions, and a variety of reports, alerts, and notifications. The difference, however, is that Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM can provide this without burdening end users with unnecessary data entry. By using the Artificial Intelligence to monitor end users as they go about their job – analysing their plans, tasks, and executed activities – and then automatically updating the relevant customer records.

What is unique about Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM is that the application can automatically identify opportunities and potential problems within each sales territory, and then provide each sales rep with unique and creative “machine-generated” conversation points for each customer or prospect. This represents a new level of targeting, automated micro-personalisation, and automated micro-segmentation. Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM also provides sales reps with precise quoting and pricing recommendations, which rely on machine learning and external datasets (running autonomously behind the scenes, ensuring that sales reps can benefit from the recommendations without worrying about the technical aspects).


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