Myfreight has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Cloud Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Cloud Innovation [CLD] recognises cloud products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Myfreight software provides an agile, flexible, comprehensive and cloud-based freight management system with full transparency, advanced response time to software commands, and real-time reporting. Unlike most other offerings on the market, Myfreight software has been created and written by a freight management company for the freight management industry, understanding the real day to day needs and outcomes from a grass roots level, and optimises current and future cloud technologies to deliver state of the art, real-time freight management to the market.

The Myfreight software is designed to reduce costs in business, improve service and increase visibility over each department within that business to enable better decisions and better service to users. As a cloud-based application, there are no costly IT administration requirements as backups, installation and version control are all managed by the Myfreight team behind the scenes.

Myfreight is advanced in its ability to provide real-time dashboard reports at any point. This is innovative within the industry where traditional reporting was designed to mid-month return on the previous month’s activities which served no practical use in cost management or the ability to reduce errors made in data entry to the software. As cloud-based software, accessibility is guaranteed regardless of physical location of computer hardware, which is of benefit to companies with high numbers of sites nationally, and often a number of different business units under one umbrella company. Reporting is customisable and visibility can be controlled.

Myfreight has the scalability and flexibility to be beneficial for any sized organisation. The cloud-based server costs to service a small business or a corporation is only slightly different and so depending on the complexity of the freight carrier mix required and freight consignment volumes there can be vast economies of scale while also being able to service smaller operations with superior technology they otherwise could not afford to utilize.

Myfreight is Australia’s first cloud-built freight management system which enhances client experience mitigating the risk of disruption with unreliable servers and essentially making their need redundant. Since Myfreight went live in May 2014, it has maintained 100% uptime and full service availability to clients. Additionally, all data is backed up in two separate secure locations, eliminating the potential for downtime and thus impact on clients’ operations. Auto-scaling of servers means clients receive some of the fastest data transference speeds and zero downtime deployment means clients never have to shut down their computers to receive software upgrades and updates, which has a positive impact on productivity.

From its inception, Myfreight cloud-based software offers more flexibility than most others in the marketplace. Written for the cloud using adaptable code, Myfreight is a combination of 19 different applications working together to provide an innovative freight management software solution.

Myfreight software is fully flexible and adaptable to meet any business protocols and structures. There has never been an instance where Myfreight TMS software was unable to integrate with a client’s ERP system as the R&D behind the code enables the Myfreight software to network with SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Pronto and any other legacy ERP platform a client may have in place.

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