LandCorp has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Community Contribution in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Community Contribution [CCA] recognises organisations that implement initiatives that have a positive impact on the community and generate outcomes that have a long term benefit.

LandCorp is the Western Australian Government’s land and property development agency. Established under the Western Australian Land Authority Act 1992, LandCorp is a publicly owned State Government Trading Enterprise managed via an independent Board of Directors. LandCorp’s role is to realise the potential of land and infrastructure developments for all Western Australians, from new industrial estates that will foster employment to residential communities in which people want to live. Across the State, the agency develops land for living and land for working to create vibrant, connected places to help build Western Australia’s social and economic prosperity. It takes an integrated approach to land and infrastructure development, operating across the capital city of Perth, the outer metropolitan area and throughout regional Western Australia.

LandCorp engaged with the community of White Gum Valley (WGV) from the outset of planning the WGV development to gain a better understanding of community perspectives, values and aspirations, to manage expectations and to identify potential community benefits. Through proactive engagement with local residents, LandCorp has been able to deliver and support a vibrant, sustainable and connected community for WGV. A core group of community members continue to be involved in planning activities to ensure WGV offers its residents a rewarding, eco-friendly lifestyle that integrates seamlessly into the surrounding area.

After recommendations from the local community, LandCorp used the One Planet Living (OPL) Framework to guide the development of the WGV project. OPL is an internationally-recognised sustainability framework developed by UK based organisation Bioregional, which provides a guide to creating thriving environments where needs are met from local, renewable and waste resources.

LandCorp has set two goals under the Culture and Community OPL framework principle, which aims to respect and revive the local identity, wisdom and culture of White Gum Valley; to encourage the involvement of WGV residents in shaping and contributing to their community and to create a shared culture of sustainability within the innovative development.

LandCorp took an integrated approach in creating WGV, with strategies for the design, construction and operational stages of the project. By thinking through all stages of the development, LandCorp has set sustainable, effective initiatives to support the Health and Happiness goals for WGV under the One Planet Living framework.

WGV was designed to address the lack of diverse and affordable living options in Perth by offering a range of dwelling types and a dedicated proportion (15 per cent) of affordable housing stock. A partnership between Access Housing and Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) was facilitated by LandCorp.

Fremantle is an eclectic community and its residents share a passion for sustainability. WGV has been designed to capture, retain and encourage this culture, with a variety of initiatives implemented to create a vibrant and connected community with a shared vision for sustainability.

WGV in White Gum Valley is a breakthrough in sustainable development which sets new benchmarks for the development industry. It pushes the boundaries of sustainable residential development and challenges traditional ideas about the value, both social and economic, attached to infill developments. In every aspect of the project, LandCorp set clearly defined and replicable benchmarks to better inform and educate both industry and community about the benefits of sustainable living.

As a LandCorp ‘Innovation through Demonstration’ project, WGV is showcasing best practice in sustainable land development, and represents a true first in terms of communication and community engagement.

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