Travelport Trip Assist

Travelport Trip Assist has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Mobile Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Mobile Innovation [MBL] recognises mobile applications, products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Travelport is a technology company committed to making the experience of buying and managing travel continually better. Coming from a highly specialized B2B background, we are particularly proud to have two products – Travelport Trip Assist and Travelport Branded Fares & Ancillaries – recognized by 2019 ABA100 as winners for Mobile Innovation and Marketing Innovation. This is a strong testament of the business value and technological advancements of our solutions. The Travelport team are motivated to launch more innovations combining our expertise in travel and our knowledge across mobile, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

Scott Barber, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Travelport

Travelport Trip Assist is a fully branded mobile engagement platform, built specifically for travel agencies and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to engage their end users – namely travellers – throughout the entire travel lifecycle.

Trip Assist enhances the value of agencies by providing sophisticated end-to-end itinerary management, calendar sync, real-time travel updates and detailed messaging capabilities, which ensure travellers to stay productive, organised and informed.

Being its best differentiator, the flexibility offered by Trip Assist to configure the app allows travel agencies to have greater ownership of their digital brand, create a mobile experience that fully reflects their brand identity, generate greater brand awareness and ultimately enhance customer relationships.

Though mobile technology is not new, Trip Assist is uniquely positioned as it was built specifically to cater for the keen needs of travel agencies, while applying the best practices in mobile development to address the complexities of the travel industry.

The solution incorporates messaging capabilities, which were tailor-made for travel scenarios. Utilising unique identifiers for the traveller, Trip Assist can provide the context and relevance to communications that are not available with the other solutions.

Travelport Trip Assist was developed by the Travelport Digital division. This ground-breaking solution was developed to support and enhance the travel retail experience for online/offline agencies, TMCs and travellers. Launched in September 2017, Trip Assist is now available in the majority of the 180 countries which Travelport operates globally, including Australia.

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