Australian Catholic Superannuation

Australian Catholic Superannuation has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Project Management in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Project Management [PMA] recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in project management.

Since 1981, Australian Catholic Superannuation has helped people who work in Catholic education, healthcare, aged care and welfare plan for their future by providing excellent superannuation, insurance, retirement planning and financial planning services.

The organisation supports more than 93,000 members and over 13,000 contributing employers with more than $8.8 billion in funds under management.

Australian Catholic Superannuation is self-administered, meaning the administration of all contributions and benefit payments are handled internally focussing on delivering member outcomes and excellence in customer service.

Guided by the values Australian Catholic Superannuation shares with their members, they provide a superannuation service that focuses on providing excellent retirement planning outcomes. It is the super fund of choice for the Catholic sector, and as a public offer fund, it is open to anyone who is eligible for super.

Their mission is to provide our members with appropriate superannuation benefits, which make a positive contribution to their retirement strategies and goals. To achieve this, fees are kept low, investing responsibly and offering members access to additional benefits through their partner network.

As dividends are not paid to shareholders, all profits go back to members in the form of improved services and support, strong investment performance, a variety of choice in investments, self-service over-the-phone access, secure online portals, free seminars and workplace visits.

A lifecycle investment strategy was developed to ensure Australian Catholic Superannuation’s default product offering was suitable for the majority of its members by improving the alignment of investment risk with member’s investment time horizon, based on the member’s age. A lifecycle investment strategy means the investment allocation will have more risk and growth potential when the member is younger, and better able to withstand any market volatility, and gradually hold less risk when the member is older and is less able to withstand market volatility.

Called LifetimeOne, the product automatically changes asset mix as a member ages, helping them grow their retirement savings. The introduction of a lifecycle investment strategy will lead to many member benefits, including an increased average return over the medium-to-long term and lower investment management fees for members under 60 due to increased exposure to equities.

LifetimeOne is been designed to dovetail into the award winning RetireSmart pension strategy; keeping the focus on value for members from the first day they join, until their retirement.

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