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Complexica – Larry The Digital Analyst has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Software Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Software Innovation [SWR] recognises software products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Complexica, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions, announced today that its Artificial Intelligence platform – Larry, the Digital Analyst® – was recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the 2019 Australian Business Award for Software Innovation. The award was based on Complexica’s innovative use of multiple, self-selecting algorithms to automatically access a vast array of data sources (both structured and unstructured, such as internet data scraped from relevant websites), analyse these datasets along with internal customer data, and provide optimised recommendations for sales, marketing, & supply chain staff on a fully automated basis.

When applied to sales & marketing activities, Larry, the Digital Analyst® can improve revenue & margin by directing sales staff to the best opportunities, along with recommendations on what conversations to have, what products to offer, and what price to quote. Larry can also optimise promotional planning, sales territory mapping, pricing & margin, as well as cross-selling, up-selling and churn prevention.

“One of the ways that the world has changed during the past 20 years is that no one can process all the available data and information when making decisions anymore – there’s just too much data moving too quickly for companies to analyse it all,” said Larisa Stamova, Complexica’s Marketing Manager. “This is a problem because only decisions can create value – not reports, dashboards, insights, or business intelligence tools – and decisions are based on processing the right data in a timely manner. Complexica solves this problem by fully automating the complex analytical tasks that underpin the decision-making process, which allows companies to make optimised decisions – whether they be strategic, operational, or tactical. This award recognises the important role that our Artificial Intelligence platform plays within companies of all sizes to improve their business performance in an increasingly dynamic, complex, and data-rich world.”


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