FinXL IT Professional Services – FinXL’s Graduate Program

FinXL IT Professional Services – FinXL’s Graduate Program has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Training Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Training Innovation [TRI] recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs in the field of education and training.

FinXL is a proudly Australian owned, privately held company known for delivering high value ICT services and solutions. FinXL was established in 2003 by the Finite Group and has a national presence with offices in six states/territories. Expanding internationally, FinXL Professional Services NZ Limited was registered in 2016, now with two established offices in NZ. FinXL provides ICT Professional Services to a diverse range of medium to large enterprises and Government organisations, including many ASX 200 corporations.

FinXL prides itself on working closely with clients to genuinely understand their business requirements and changing needs. This enables FinXL to provide business and technology services which deliver ongoing tangible results, with a strong track record of successful delivery as a result of their technical and business experience, domain knowledge and collaborative approach.

FinXL Services Framework consists of eight key service offerings: Business / Digital Transformation, Project Services, Transformation & Lean Process, Services Management, Security & Infrastructure, Analytics & Data Science, Cloud and Apps Delivery. We also launched our new digital services brand, XLdigital in 2015, to much acclaim and with some great early success. In 2018, FinXL acquired SAP Services firm, Southern Cross Computing (“SCC”), which added SAP Services as a new specialist division of FinXL, including their client system monitoring service.

All of FinXL’s key Customers are focussed on cost reduction as a means to remain competitive. Whilst this focus has always been prevalent, in the last 12 to 18 months this has intensified with Customers seeking to reduce their cost using vehicles such as increased use of agile delivery, zero based design, rebates and direct requests to reduce rates. The need for Customers to reduce costs will not relent in the foreseeable future as will the need for continued delivery excellence.

FinXL’s response to this has been to examine its own costs, and the delivery of excellence in a sustainable manner. Part of this was to examine increased use of skilled University Graduates as part of delivery efforts, following a smaller trial which ran in the Melbourne office throughout 2018 using recent Graduates to support a nominated major Customer account.

The benefits that particularly appeal to our Customers are the option for the Graduate to join a leading Customer organisation if that is mutually beneficial to the respective Graduate and Customer. In addition, the innovative and flexible approach to training, that is not only available to Graduates, but also to other FinXL Consultants as well as Customers. The appeal of this to Graduates is the seamless career optionality that it creates. For Customers, it is the notion of ‘try and buy’ where the Graduate becomes a known quantity to the Customer and can seamlessly move to becoming a permanent employee of the Customer organisation where it makes sense.

FinXL’s approach to Graduate development is done as a co-operative effort with the Customer to ensure that great Customer outcomes are achieved. To date there have been 17 Graduates come into the program. 2 Graduates have since joined Customer organisations, and there has been  significant interest in the program to the extent that it is expected to have employed 50 Graduates by the end of 2019, with a further increase of 50% expected in 2020.

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