Access Corporate Group

Access Corporate Group has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Brand Management in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Brand Management [BMA] recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in brand management.

Access Corporate Group (Access) is an innovative and rapidly growing brand management corporation headquartered in Sydney, Australia with around 20 quality health, lifestyle and beauty brands currently in its portfolio.

Its brands include Vida Glow, melrose, LOVEKINS, Dr. LeWinn’s, MINENSSEY, NU-LAX, mitoQ, BEE+, eimele, THALISSI, BEANBODY, NAPOLEON PERDIS, Invisible Zinc, Hunter Lab, Sensori+, Robert Oatley Wines, Paulett Wines, Burge Family Wines and Familia Torres.

Access has achieved very strong growth introducing these brands to the China market with carefully considered and well-planned development and management of each individual brand. Today the company has more than 600 employees in Hangzhou and over 150 in its Sydney and Melbourne offices.

Access is now expanding to North America and Europe, building a portfolio of international brands, a global supply chain and distributor network. With its strong focus and commitment to excellence in brand management, the company is well positioned to continue to build strong brands and market them in more countries, delivering its tenet of ‘everyday better life’ to customers around the globe.

The partnership between Access and LOVEKINS over the past two years has created not only strong sales but also a solid foundation for building the brand even further. Any brand wanting to not only satisfy the domestic market but also do business in China faces challenges, not merely in terms of straddling both markets, and managing distribution but also in terms of getting the brand right for both, and from an operational perspective, being able to gear up its manufacturing while maintaining high quality. Access has ensured LOVEKINS has done this.

When Access discovered LOVEKINS wellness and skincare company in 2017, it immediately saw the alignment between its own values and those of founder Amanda Essery. Amanda Essery, who is sixth generation Chinese Australian, was born and raised in Darwin and enjoyed a childhood with fresh air, clean water and a healthy diet of organic produce.

Access truly understands the market for the LOVEKINS brand, and it has implemented a multi-faceted strategy that is paying off. By positioning LOVEKINS as an Australian brand in both domestic and international markets, headed by Amanda Essery, who lives and breathes the brand, and highlighting the values of organic, natural and clean lifestyle, ensures audiences associate it with concepts of affinity and kinship, as well as awareness for taking care of yourself.

Importantly, growth has been possible because of the Key Opinion Consumers within Access Corporate Group, whose insights and intelligence facilitated the expansion of the product line and set the foundation for brand extensions. Indeed, the success of LOVEKINS Women has encouraged further expansion and will see additional brand extensions including a LOVEKINS Pregnancy range followed by LOVEKINS Kids later in 2020.

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