FinXL IT Professional Services

FinXL IT Professional Services has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Technology in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Business Technology [BTM] recognises organisations that implement innovative technological solutions for new and existing business needs.

FinXL is a proudly Australian owned, privately held company known for delivering high value ICT services and solutions. FinXL was established in 2003 by the Finite Group and has a national presence with offices in six states/territories. FinXL provides ICT Professional Services to a diverse range of medium to large enterprises and Government organisations. FinXL prides itself on working closely with its clients to genuinely understand their business requirements and changing needs. This enables FinXL to provide business and technology services which deliver ongoing tangible results. FinXL have a strong track record of successful delivery as a result of their technical and business experience, domain knowledge and collaborative approach. FinXL are a people business and believe they have an excellent mix of permanent and “virtual” consultants (consultants sourced on a project specific basis from FinXL’s extensive database of qualified professionals), enabling them to offer the very best available resources to deliver their services.

In October 2019, FinXL determined to update its current CRM, Recruitment and Contracts Management system. The incumbent provider had consistently failed to provide a viable upgrade path and development roadmap for its product and FinXL wanted to deliver a significantly improved product to its stakeholders. The FinXL Evaluation Team gathered and then prioritised a long list of both functional and non-functional requirements from its stakeholders across all areas of the business, both in Australia and New Zealand. FinXL established a detailed implementation plan to cover all aspects of the Change Program involved in rolling out the new Product.

 Collaboration across FinXL and with the Vendor (and other third parties) was critical to the success of the implementation. The selection of the product not only met current needs but also had a clear roadmap (aligned with Microsoft’s ambitious trajectory for its products and Azure environment). This ensured that the product had the “wow factor” to excite the user community and this impetus supported the complexities of adoption across multiple regions. Since implementation, FinXL’s Champions have continued to help improve and tune the product, providing a funnel for local suggestions to be discussed and adopted.

The new product has added value in a number of different ways. FinXL has put in place some short- and medium-term measurements for understanding the benefits of the new CRM system and what value it has created. The product has increased user satisfaction by leveraging an improved and more intuitive user interface and enabling sales consultants to access contact and sales information directly from mobile devices. By implementing a searching tool that was easier to use, with some assistance from AI, FinXL has been leveraging its extensive database of consultants more effectively and therefore improving time-to-market, reducing advertising costs and deploying known and trusted consultants more than unknown contractors (and therefore improving customer satisfaction). Intergrating the new product at FinXL has reduced the amount of manual work and duplication, improving productivity and increasing quality. A major point of differentiation of the selected solution, which is driving significant value, is the capability relational mapping when FinXL search their database for people with certain skills and experience. This neural network of consultants, skills and workplaces allows FinXL to search in a fast, comprehensive and refined manner to establish which of their consultants are best suited for a given opportunity. This is delivering FinXL a competitive advantage in the market.

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