HOBAN Recruitment

HOBAN Recruitment has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Technology in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Business Technology [BTM] recognises organisations that implement innovative technological solutions for new and existing business needs.

HOBAN has been providing recruitment services for over 50 years across Australia. The strong growth of their business has been brought about due to their founding principles, mission and vision. This has seen HOBAN expand its service delivery across Australia with the focus being a solution orientated organisation which partners with the stakeholders (clients, candidates and internal staff) to develop lasting partnerships together. These principles see HOBAN renew its contracts through a focus on sustainable growth. HOBAN will continue to abide by these principles to lead the market through delivery of innovative solutions which truly add value to its clients’ business. HOBAN is acknowledged for the contracted and preferred supplier agreements currently held. Many of these contracts have been retained and renewed due to consistent quality and service standards. The processes and procedures are unique and HOBAN’s people are passionate about delivering solutions which have the strength and ability to support its clients for many years to come.

HOBAN Recruitment enjoys the profile of a business that is active, relevant, developing and successful in terms of outcomes. HOBAN Recruitment’s success has come from joint partnerships with its customers and candidates, measured in terms of real, quantifiable outcomes. HOBAN is a large diverse organization covering numerous industries through their specialist recruiters and businesses. Although HOBAN employed people with disabilities, its understanding of recruiting and employing people with disability was limited. When organisations make their recruitment processes and workplaces barrier-free to people with disability, they ensure that all potential employees with the relevant skills, qualifications and experience can be hired and do their best work. By modifying HOBAN’s systems and processes and completing recognised training would their business access to a larger pool of work ready candidates. Diversity attracts and retains from the widest possible talent pool and employees in inclusive workplaces are likely to be more engaged, motivated and productive.

The new system has been received well by HOBAN’s customers, the ability to electronically review and sign timesheets is a major step forward in convenience for the client and also HOBAN’s reliance on paper-based product. The inclusion of the Award Interpreter to HOBAN’s payroll functions reduces errors, which is greatly valued by HOBAN’s clients as it reduces invoicing mistakes. One of the most important factors to bring this project to success was the collaboration achieved amongst various areas of HOBAN’s business. Planning, communication, patience have been the key drivers together with senior management involvement to bring the project to fruition. Since implementation, further new technologies have become available which can be integrated with HOBAN’s new systems to further enhance service delivery through the use of technology. A lot of time and effort by the HOBAN team has been invested to enhance its service to both clients and candidates through technology. HOBAN believe the time invested in updating technology to support it recruitment activities has only created an upside to the business. HOBAN has also reduced its use of paper throughout hiring processes and continues to look at where it can reduce its carbon footprint which is good for all. 

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