Baiada has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Community Contribution in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Community Contribution [CCA] recognises organisations that implement initiatives that have a positive impact on the community and generate outcomes that have a long term benefit.

As one of Australia’s largest poultry producers, Baiada is always innovating and looking to new technologies to advance processes. They’re leading the way in the industry with state-of-the-art research laboratories and by applying a progressive outlook to everything they do. Years of experience has seen Baiada grow into one of the country’s leading poultry producers. Under the brands of Steggles and Lilydale Free Range*, Baiada has been satisfying Australia’s appetite for chicken every year.

The Baiada story started with Celestino Baiada, who moved from Malta to Australia as a 14 year old boy. Left alone to start a new life, a quiet but determined Celestino went to work, knowing there would be opportunities ahead. Establishing himself as a market gardener and produce merchant, Celestino (“Charlie”), commenced his first involvement in poultry meat during the Second World War.

In order to deliver a quality consistent and safe product with a high level of service to its customers, Baiada aim wherever possible to be self-sufficient. They set high standards around process and efficiency ensuring they can deliver high quality products every year. A vertically integrated model means better management of the poultry production process from start to finish; this includes breeding and hatching our chickens, producing feed, processing, and supplying fresh poultry and value-added products. In order to meet the demand for poultry meat across Australia, Baiada has livestock operations in WA, SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

For many years, Baiada’s strong sense of social accountability and passion for helping people has seen them donate to a wide range of charitable organisations. As a result, they’ve created the Give Back program, which links them back to their charity and regional communities across Australia.

Under the Steggles brand and through the sponsorship of the Roosters, Baiada established the Steggles Charity Nest Initiative to boost their involvement with organisations that focus on worthwhile children’s causes. Through this, they are the National Kitchen partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities, supporting 14 houses through financial support and product donations.

Baiada’s support for these charities comes from not just Baiada as a company, but also from their employees. To recognise the importance of supporting community organisations, Baiada launched a fund where both the company and employees can contribute. The total amount raised by the employees is matched by the contribution from Baiada.

In addition to numerous fundraising events, Baiada also have their Charity Month initiative. For the entire month, they donate 30 cents from every Steggles Family Roast sold to the Steggles Charity Nest. They’ve helped charities such as Ronald McDonald House, Griffith Riding for the Disabled, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Autism SA, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and more.

Through the Steggles Charity Nest, Baiada provides product donations and support for over 120 fundraisers, fetes and causes annually. The business also supports 42 schools and sporting teams through the Community and Schools program.

Baiada exceeded the overall milestone for 2019 with the calendar year ending at $1,189,713 raised for the Charity Nest. So far, nearly $10 million has been raised by Baiada’s charity initiatives. Its focus is largely on aiding children’s charities from all around Australia by continually raising funds and driving awareness. The Baiada staff are dedicated to its charity program, which is evident by means of salary contribution and volunteering.

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