Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates – Manhattan Active Warehouse Management System has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Logistics Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Logistics Innovation [LOG] recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.

Manhattan Associates was founded in 1990 in Manhattan Beach, California and incorporated in Georgia in 1998. Today, Manhattan has a strong presence around the globe, including across Australia. Manhattan Associates develops, sells, deploys, services and maintains software solutions designed to manage supply chains, inventory and omnichannel operations for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, logistics providers and other organisations. Manhattan customers include many of the world’s premier and most profitable brands.

In 2018 Manhattan Associates launched Manhattan Active™ SCALE software-as-a-service (SaaS), a first of its kind cloud-based Warehouse Management Solution. Manhattan SCALE has been an out right leading Warehouse Management Solution in Australia and around the world with more than 2,400 customers using the solution but it was always an on-premise solution meaning that the customers would need to invest in IT infrastructure including servers and databases as well as having skilled IT resources on site in case there were any problems to deploy and manage the solution and all of this was on top of the cost for the actual design and implementation of the software. Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management eliminates all of those additional costs and Manhattan Associates bundles all the services and hardware requirements together, manages them for the customer and charge the customer an annual cost for the packaged solution. Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management is a multitenant solution that is versionless and fully extensible meaning that as soon as a new feature is added every customer gets access to it on day 1 with no upgrades or additional services. While there are a number of supply chain software solutions on the market, a point of difference of Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management Solution not only is it the only pure SaaS solution on the market but it provides a bundled set of supply chain solutions that are all integrated onto a single cloud platform, making it easy to deploy, manage and upgrade. Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management Solution empowers organisations to not only remain competitive, but to actually gain market advantages over rival organisations, by tying together processes, data and workflows to cost-effectively enhance the overall performance of your supply chain. Manhattan Warehouse Management Solution can be implemented into any organisation that manages their own warehouse and distribution centre. In Australia the solution has been implemented into leading retailers, manufactures, health care, mining, consumer goods and thirdparty logistics organisations.

In 2019, Manhattan Associates added a significant number of new customers to its Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management client base, expanding its market share and global presence. In Australia leading 3PL service provider and freight forwarder VISA Global Logistics were one of the first in the world to deploy Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management solution. VISA Global Logistics selected the Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management solution for its flexibility and scalability in the face of constantly shifting supply chain demands and opportunities. The Manhattan Active™ Warehouse Management solution uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to organise and optimise logistics operations and offers VISA Global a significant upgrade in terms of delivering mission-critical information in real time.

Manhattan Warehouse Management sets the standard for leading-edge, highly-mobile warehouse management system (WMS) technology and innovation. Using advanced machine learning to organize and optimize operations, Manhattan WMS speeds the flow of goods and information, enabling flawless execution across inventory, labour, advanced automation or robotics, and space, to deliver on the promises of modern commerce as efficiently and profitably as possible. Our modern mobile capabilities help customers efficiently manage omnichannel fulfillment by converging capabilities commonly found in disparate labour management, warehouse control and slotting optimization systems into a single, intuitive user experience.

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