Saski Collection

Saski Collection has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Marketing Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence [MXA] recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate innovative marketing strategies and outcomes.

Saski Collection is an Australian athleisure brand founded by Social Media Influencer Tammy Hembrow. Tammy launched the brand in June 2017, solely online with zero paid marketing and only two employees. Saski Collection sells women’s fitness and leisure wear worldwide, with each piece designed exclusively by Tammy. With a highly engaged online audience currently sitting at 10.8 million plus followers, Tammy is known for her fitness triumphs and authentic approach to social media. As the owner of the brand and as it reflects her image and values, Tammy is the spokesperson for Saski Collection. Saski Collection is an e-commerce business, that ships worldwide from its warehouse space on the Gold Coast, QLD. Their brand works with an Australian owned and operated design and manufacturing partner to produce all of their products. Once designed and sampled in Australia, their products are manufactured in China. The products are then shipped to Australia where they perform quality control directly from the Saski warehouse, before making available for sale on their website.

In an initiative to build hype and gain an increased awareness in the US market, Saski Collection was invited to New York Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2020 to showcase their upcoming collection. Observing their current market share allowed them to identify an opportunity to gain further brand awareness in the United States by launching a US website to coincide with Saski’s NYFW show. With a strategic approach to launching in the US with their New York Fashion Show, Saski Collection’s management and marketing teamed aimed to capitalise on their customer base and strong social media presence in the United States. The key objectives of the show were to increase brand awareness in the United States as well as the upcoming collection worldwide, and distinguish Saski Collection amongst a highly competitive market optimally resulting in direct sales. Stage one involved researching the competitive landscape and outlining a strategy that would differentiate Saski’s New York Fashion Week Show from others. Saski Collection was approached by a world renown company named Style360 that hosts scheduled fashion shows and events, and had expressed an interest in sponsoring Saski Collection to present their upcoming collection at their fashion show. Stage two involved collaborating with Style360 to continually build on their strategy to execute the show, including selecting models, makeup-artists, hair stylists and designing a pop up shop. This stage was critical as executing all facets of the show would determine the shows success. The essential step of the preparation stage was to promote the show to influencers, celebrities, and media personalities, creating a sense of exclusivity and enhanced anticipation around the show. This instilled an urge for guests to want to post about the brand and show to their following audience. This strategy aimed to convert followers of these guests into ongoing customers for Saski Collection, whilst leveraging existing Saski’s social media followers.

The Saski Collection NYFW Show resulted in a sold out stock quantity on the day of launch, as well as a significant growth in awareness both in the press and on social media, meeting all of the key objectives for the project. All stock from the collection sold out within 24 hours of the launch, with a rapid demand for a restock being received via their customer service within the following days. The content posted by guests who attend the show linked directly back to the Saski Collection Instagram and website, therefore allowing Saski to adopt these active customers as their own.

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