TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Software Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Software Innovation [SWR] recognises software products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

TechnologyOne is Australia’s largest enterprise company and one of Australia’s top 150 ASX-listed companies, with offices across six countries. They provide a global SaaS ERP solution that transforms business and makes life simple for their customers. TechnologyOne’s deeply integrated enterprise SaaS solution is available on any device, anywhere and any time and is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,200 leading corporations, government agencies, local councils and universities are powered by their software. For over 32 years, TechnologyOne have been providing their customers enterprise software that evolves and adapts to new and emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their business and not technology.

The vitality of TechnologyOne’s team spirit draws on the essence of oneness. Technology One is proud of its dynamic ‘can-do’ culture, thriving on innovation through collaboration. Technology One’s dedication to success through teamwork links it across diverse functional teams around the globe. Every day more than 1,200 talented and dynamic people access each other’s skillsets and expertise to develop leading-edge technology-based solutions for their customers. Inspired by the leadership team, and shared commitment to giving back through the TechnologyOne Foundation team members regularly join in team events and activities to celebrate key wins on a path to success. 

TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution enables organisations to embrace smart mobile devices. TechnologyOne is the only enterprise vendor delivering 100 per cent of its enterprise software on smart mobile devices. The combination of multitenanted infrastructure with single-tenanted databases means customers can enjoy all the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS), with none of the limitations. With the inevitable increase in the use of smart mobiles in the workplace, TechnologyOne’s latest evolution of its software allows organisations to embrace iPad, iPhone and Android devices as part of their enterprise solution, while also functioning seamlessly on traditional laptop and desktop machines. With its configuration-driven software design, all of a customer’s unique configuration information, together with their transactional data, is stored in their own dedicated and secure database, delivering a personalised service at scale and guaranteeing the privacy of each customer’s data. The TechnologyOne enterprise SaaS solution is grounded in one global code line: a single instance of software, delivered globally, with a mass production line of servers running thousands of customers’ organisations. It produces massive economies of scale, which unleash cost efficiencies that hosting providers cannot come close to. TechnologyOne’s approach to enterprise SaaS is unparalleled and is the key to its ongoing success.

Customers using the TechnologyOne SaaS solution are up and running on an enterprise system with less risk, lower cost and shorter time frames. The SaaS delivery model dramatically reduces implementation time, allowing organisations to focus on their core business, while TechnologyOne takes care of the software and infrastructure. TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS is the perfect marriage between infrastructure and software. It removes the complexity of managing costly IT infrastructure and greatly simplifies the decision to adopt smart mobile devices throughout the organisation. Underpinning TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution is its Ci Anywhere platform, providing core functionality, security and a consistent user interface for each product across the suite. It enables TechnologyOne customers to access their enterprise data from any device, anywhere in the world and at any time. It transforms the way organisations interact with their customers and community. Ci Anywhere’s adaptive screen design means that users get a great experience regardless of the device they are using at the time. The software automatically detects a device’s screen size and adapts to present an engaging user experience for that device. As part of TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution, customers gain access to two releases of software per year, and TechnologyOne ensures customers are always on the latest software release. TechnologyOne provides twice-yearly major releases of its software, integrating new features and greater functionality into its existing enterprise SaaS platform. TechnologyOne is committed to a continuous cycle of redeveloping its software platform from the ground up, leaving no line of code untouched. Over 30 years, it has completely redeveloped its software platform four times. This approach, along with TechnologyOne’s dedication to delivering future-proof technology, is a significant factor in TechnologyOne’s 99 per cent customer retention rate.

Most multinational enterprise software providers do not build their software in this way or operate by completely re- engineering their software on a regular basis as TechnologyOne does, as they are working with software that is many decades old. TechnologyOne delivers true enterprise Software as a Service, making its software one of the premier enterprise cloud offering in its markets. TechnologyOne is also the first enterprise software provider to deliver adaptive design into its core software. This design enables TechnologyOne to deliver software that embraces consumer concepts and expectations, removes complexity and is incredibly easy to use. As TechnologyOne already sells, implements, develops and maintains its software, running the software for customers is the final piece of that puzzle. TechnologyOne offers a single point of accountability, reducing the need for customers to deal with multiple software and/ or hardware vendors. Customers benefit from a direct relationship with TechnologyOne every step of the way. The strategic plans for organisations embracing TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS solution generally revolve around the desire to do more with less and providing staff with mobile and remote working options. Organisations using the software may also aim to deliver more front-line services, provide greater visibility, and improve the way their organisation connect with their customers. The software allows customers to seamlessly achieve these objectives and achieve additional benefits over and above those anticipated at the exploratory phase. This is because using the enterprise Software as a Service enables customers to reduce infrastructure and associated staffing costs, minimise disaster recovery costs and reduce depreciation.

TechnologyOne believe mass production only works if everyone is using the exact same piece of software, with no customisations. Therefore, TechnologyOne does not allow its customers to customise its software, but instead the software is configuration-driven. Each customer’s unique experience is driven by their unique configuration, which is stored in their own database, along with all their business transactions. This also guarantees the privacy of each customer by ensuring no sharing of databases.

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