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Civica’s Claims Payment Gateway has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Digital Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for Digital Innovation [DIA] recognises products and services that provide innovative digital solutions for business and market needs.

Over 30 years, Civica has built a business with a unique focus – software that helps sustain and enhance public services around the world. With operations in Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Canada and North America, Civica currently employs around 5,000 people. As a global leader in software, Civica is providing software applications to more than 4000 organisations across five key areas – Government and Justice, Local Government, Housing, Health and Care, and Education – supporting the public services sector in their quest to make citizens’ lives better.

Despite the extraordinary events of 2020, Civica maintained its 20-year track record of robust operational and financial delivery producing a compound annual revenue growth of 13 per cent and EBITDA growth of 15 per cent across the five years 2015-2020. In ANZ, Civica has delivered growth on the back of its corporate strategy focusing on customers, people, products and acquisitions. Acquisitions are a core element of Civica’s global strategy, adding complementary capabilities to increase scale in order to respond to market opportunities. Civica invests in extensive research across all sectors Civica works with, including an ongoing partnership with the University of Technology Sydney Institute for Public Policy and Governance (UTS;IPPG)) to produce a highly recognised industry-wide research series called – Changing LandscapeTM.

Claims Payment Gateway is a new digital claims processing solution designed exclusively for private health insurance (PHI) providers. PHI providers utilise Civica’s Claims Payment Gateway to give their members the additional convenience of being able to claim a benefit while attending a visit to their health provider. This instant payment process, facilitated by Claims Payment Gateway, avoids members having to undertake a number of cumbersome process that often involve – paying the health provider, receiving a receipt, filling in a form and finally submitting all mandatory documentation to their health fund. Claims Payment Gateway provides a paperless process, eliminating any manual processes associated with paper-based claims, saving PHI providers around $1.00 per claim.

“Private Health insurance plays a crucial role in delivering better healthcare in Australia by taking pressure off the public system and giving health fund members more choices. Civica has been delivering innovative software solutions to the industry for over 30 years and we are proud to have launched an innovative cloud solution with our partners LanternPay which allows members to claim more benefits at the point of sale and removes the need for time consuming paper based claims.”

Vinay Chand, Managing Director - Health Solutions, Civica

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