Parasyn has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Digital Transformation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for Digital Transformation [DTR] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in digital transformation.

Parasyn is delighted to be recognised as an ABA100 Winner Digital Transformation [DTR] in The Australian Business Awards 2021. Parasyn specialises in helping organisations create trusted data used for managing their critical assets. These operational assets are usually automated, and without real time accurate data to guide them, they will fail to ever reach their optimum performance.

For each software engineering project like the Urban Utilities Integrated Data Platform, the Parasyn team of engineers, developers and consultants work out what best suits the customer’s unique situation, then go about solving the technical problem and how the organisation can best adapt to the new technology and new work practices. To give the organisation the best outcome, both teams must unite in the cause.

“Helping customers with these types of solutions goes far beyond customer service and offering products. You must think like the customer, work out how they use their facilities and equipment, and organise the best way to work together. Further, in this digital project, Urban Utilities played their vital role. They were committed to success and let our team do what we do best. Thank you, Urban Utilities, and well done to the Parasyn team.”

Tony Poole, CEO, Parasyn

Parasyn is an Australian industrial technology company who creates operational certainty for organisations managing critical infrastructure or for heavy industry. They create, implement, upgrade and maintain enabling technologies which are the core of better asset management using high quality data. This high-quality data is the foundation for digital transformation initiatives.

Parasyn’s purpose is to make a difference to this world with better systems and do this by helping clients create trusted data for critical operations. This includes helping people establish standards so that their data systems perform “at their best” for many specialist groups or the entire organisation now, and into the future.

Working closely with their customer stakeholders to identify what the business needs to do to implement its strategies and then develop processes and technologies to implement solutions to achieve the identified goals. Those stakeholders might be the Operation’s people who control assets (power, water, gas etc) or it may be the entire organisation needing to understand how the business is performing in terms of the product/service it provides to their customers.

One of these organisations is Urban Utilities based in South-East Queensland. Urban Utilities is one of the largest water distributor-retailers in Australia. Its primary functions are the distribution and retail of drinking water, recycled water and wastewater services to residents within the local government boundaries of the Participating Councils.

Parasyn was engaged to deliver the Integrated Data Platform (IDP) initiative. The project was to implement a highly scalable Enterprise Historian, Reporting and Dashboards Solution as the “single source of truth” for all operational data across all of Urban Utilities operations. It had to be centrally available, accurate and timely to enable collaborative and effective “Big Picture” decisions regarding all operational, maintenance and planning functions.

The technical solution was scaled to provide access to an unlimited number of users. Over two hundred staff were formally trained, and an “on-demand” training video was developed to provide orientation for new users and a refresher for current users. This, and the deliberate simplicity of the User Interface (UI) mean that all staff, current and future can learn how to easily access the data they need without being instructor led.

“The IDP allows non-technical users to easily build their own graphical reports and dashboards, meaning that no longer are engineering staff or specialist contractors required to build reports” – Urban Utilities

Change Management driven, with positive stakeholder engagement and comprehensive initial training led to an accelerated, much wider acceptance and daily use of the IDP. One good news story is the Urban Utilities analytics business unit almost immediately developed a solution to successfully solve a historically impossible problem using the IDP. The new digital solution was not possible using people and paper. Urban Utilities is getting smarter with better data.

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