Wiise Software

Wiise Software has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for ERP Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for ERP Innovation [ERP] recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the field of enterprise resource planning.

“We’re extremely proud to be recognised as the ABA100 winner for ERP Innovation and Supply Chain Innovation at the Australian Business Awards 2021. Now more than ever, are SMBs in Australia looking to cloud technologies to centralise and do more with business data. And a cloud-based ERP solution helps with doing just that. For many years, ERP software was only associated with large enterprises. We were keen to change the status quo. Wiise is all about making life easier for Australian businesses working with legacy systems and spreadsheets and at risk of outgrowing their accounting solution by helping them move to a cloud ERP solution that’s Australian localised and offers immense value. We continue to innovate to bring as much functionality into Wiise as possible so businesses can navigate an ever-changing landscape by leveraging powerful tools and technology. And thanks to our magnificent product and development team, we’ve been able to help hundreds of businesses in Australia access cloud ERP tech built on Microsoft that offers more out-of-the-box and is designed for the Australian market.”

Charlie Wood, CEO, Wiise Software

Like all good things, Wiise started with a great idea: to give small and medium-sized businesses the tools and big business smarts available to large corporates, at an affordable price. Wiise saw that the small and medium market was woefully underserved from a tech and banking standpoint. Wiise wanted to level the playing field with a system that businesses could trust when they were ready to grow beyond managing the books. So, KPMG Australia joined forces with Microsoft, bringing together industry experience, top tier tech and banking know-how. And in August 2018 Wiise was launched. Australian localised cloud ERP software that helps you manage your business from anywhere, work together effectively and do business better. The aim was and still is to make it simple for users and teams to access everything required to run their business in one hub.

Built on Microsoft, Wiise is made for Aussie businesses facing growing complexities. No matter the industry. It offers more functionality out-of-the-box such as integrated payroll and timesheets, bank feeds, CRM, industry-based Chart of Accounts, eCommerce, POS, landed costing and more. Wiise is made to help businesses outgrowing legacy systems or accounting software access cloud ERP tech that is not only made for the Australian market but is affordable.

Plus, as a Microsoft-based platform, Wiise opens a world of Microsoft tools world for users. From PowerBI to Dynamics and Office 365—Wiise works seamlessly with the entire Microsoft suite, saving businesses both time and money.

Created by KPMG Australia, Wiise benefits from its expertise on all things tax, compliance, industry and more. It also means that Wiise is held to the same rigorous standards as an ASX listed public company.

The business data hundreds of businesses trust Wiise with is housed on Microsoft Azure’s data centres located in Australia and is protected by rigorous security protocols, including multifactor authentication. Certified by BSI against international security standards ISO27001 and ISO27017, Wiise apply best-practice cloud security controls because protecting data is its top priority.

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