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Tata Consultancy Services has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for HR Management in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for HR Management [HRM] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in human resource management.

“Whilst the pandemic created havoc across the globe, our priority was to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our associates while continuing to support mission critical IT backbones across Australia and New Zealand. Early on, we took proactive measures with increased virtual interventions such as on-boarding, employee engagement and wellbeing, talent management, graduate program, learning and development as well as CSR, while retaining the impact of human touchpoints. I am extremely proud of the entire TCS HR team who worked with resolve and grit to overcome this situation.”

Prabal Chatterjee, Head of Human Resources, TCS Australia & New Zealand

Tata Consultancy Services is a purpose-led transformation partner to many of the world’s largest businesses. The global pandemic meant the significance and responsibilities of the Human Resources (HR) function multiplied. With employees working from home, HR had to take care of the employee lifecycle without the in-person interactions.

The onboarding process involves ‘Induction and Orientation’ of the new employee within the company and customer ecosystem. These virtual sessions include: joining formalities, connecting with the manager, knowledge-sharing sessions and more. Onboarding for all new employees is conducted via Webex. When the onboarding, is completed through the TCS internal portal – iBelong, the new joiners have an understanding of the global TCS ecosystem as well as locally. This helps with settling within the organisation.

Engagement and employee wellbeing is another aspect which has been addressed during the pandemic, through:

• Tailored wellbeing programs
• Employee engagement channels
• Focus on employee and family engagements

Combined with the above, fitness programs, TCS developed initiatives around health and nutrition have also been conducted. An organisation-wide drive was conducted to assess and ensure employees have a safe and ergonomic workspace at home. Our Virtual Kitchen channel was one of the connects which received a huge response during the pandemic with employees sharing recipes along with photographs of the dish.

With the rise of COVID-19 pandemic, the Let’s Chat COVID-19 chatbot was launched to provide accurate and timely information to TCS’ employees with health and wellbeing the priority. Using TCS Conversa©, the HR and Conversa teams collaborated to enable the chat bot interface, with the ability to answer over 1500+ frequently asked questions.

Beyond the pandemic, HR have successfully further adopted the chatbot as the 24×7 first point of contact for all frequently asked HR queries. On the back of the success of Let’s Chat COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand, TCS Asia Pacific (APAC) leadership team replicated this to rollout a similar interactive region wide platform.

TCS is deeply committed to investing in Australia’s technology workforce of the future.

In 2020, all their initiatives were reimaged to be available virtually. Through the various initiatives over 750 students participated in the different GoIT programs.

During this time, TCS also welcomed multiple batches of up to 29 graduates in each batch. The induction, orientation, learning and mentoring was completed virtually. TCS was able to successfully re-design the graduate recruitment, onboarding and 4-week initial learning program from face to face to a virtual experience.

Learning was enabled through external learning platforms, certification drives, mobile App learning, to ensure anytime, any content learning working remotely, with its success in having more than 1000 employees trained in advanced concepts of digital technologies which includes over 500 employees certified in digital technologies. Various steps and measures taken by TCS Australia have been appreciated by employees through various feedback mechanisms.

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