Enviro Frontier – Tree Manager

Enviro Frontier – Tree Manager has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Mobile Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for Mobile Innovation [MBL] recognises products and services that provide innovative mobile solutions for business and market needs.

“Tree Manager was developed for trades by trades. We take a collaborative approach, by discussing your needs and offering solutions, ensuring better procurement via commercial best practice. We continue to develop Tree Manager’s performance with onsite feedback and technology enhancements, so the trade is your most valuable data asset. By delivering an onsite App, that trades wants to and can easily use we deliver cost, quality, safety and timeliness to our clients. Our investment in technology has allowed us to move trade services into the digital era for more efficient and dynamic work processes. The ABA100 Award is recognition we are on the right path.”

Enviro Frontier is a whole of Management Business Service for arboriculture supported by award winning technology TreeManager™ . From a small garage-based business in 2011, Enviro Frontier now has a ground trade network of 2,000 people across Australia and has international offices in New Zealand and Spain. Through Tree Manager™, it provides its customers and tree partners with a single point of contact for the management, compliance and auditing of all tree management, amenity and emergency tree works. Enviro Frontier offers the full suite – project management, compliance, secure documentation, auditable, 24/7 service with a national network of SME trades that have health and safety embedded as part of their daily practice. Enviro Frontier national tree partner workforce makes them one of the largest tree groups in Australia.

Tree Manager™ is an ever-evolving agile technology platform revolving around Enviro’s core belief in taking a collaborative approach to software development which led to various workshops for discussing the needs of the trades on site and offering solutions, ensuring better procurement via commercial best practice for both routine and emergency tree works.

Tree Manager is a complete tool for both the trades and the clients. From a trade perspective, to undertake tree works right from receiving a new job to conducting a site assessment , capturing essential data , quotes , pre-start hazards, customer sign-off to invoicing from site. For the clients , with inbuilt Business Intelligence to eliminate guess work and insights on performance and certain key metrics, Tree Manager is a modern APP leveraging data and insights to provide the best services in terms of cost , quality of works and timeliness in completion of works through automation of processes and automatic flagging of exceptions.

Tree Manager is driven to create a hub of opportunity for the tree/arborist industry, and eventually other trades. We will do this via innovative practices, tools and business models to grow the operational and financial capability of these businesses and their owners, by providing safe, efficient and transparency for our clients. Enviro Frontier continues to push the boundaries within its industry. TreeManager™ is a data hub for onboarding of company and trade staff with validation based on certificates, the works able to perform and area to service. TreeManager as single hub gathers and links relevant compliance (health & safety), validates based on the actual site attendance information, Pre-start Hazard and client sign off or driven via their site-specific App.

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