The LogicMonitor platform

The LogicMonitor platform has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for SaaS Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for SaaS Innovation [SSI] recognises software as a service products that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs.

“LogicMonitor’s innovative, cloud-based monitoring and observability platform is trusted by hundreds of enterprise and MSP customers across Australia. We recently expanded our investment in security and data sovereignty in the region with the opening of a new data centre to better serve our customers. With LogicMonitor, organisations avoid disruptive service outages, get the most out of the technologies they’ve invested in, and predict IT issues before they disrupt the business, delivering improved customer experiences. We’re honored to be recognized for SaaS Innovation in The Australian Business Awards as our cloud-native platform continues to thrive in the region and beyond.”

Richard Gerdis, Vice President, APAC, LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is the world’s leading SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs). Today, SaaS-based software solutions are reshaping modern businesses. With the digital transformation of Australia now in full swing, organisations ahead of the curve are moving the majority of their computer systems to the cloud. Software programmes for just about every task ease the burden of operations within a company and allow employees to achieve more, and work far more efficiently than ever before. But how can an organisation ensure that it is delivering an optimal customer and employee experience day-in and day-out?

LogicMonitor’s automated software platform offers effortless discovery of and visibility into an organisation’s end-to-end IT stack—whether it resides on-premises, at a remote data centre, in the public or private cloud, or is built from a hybrid combination of all of these. LogicMonitor helps organisations improve digital agility and increase cross-org collaboration while avoiding costly and disruptive IT outages and downtime.

The LogicMonitor platform ensures that all components of an IT environment remain available and are performing optimally. It allows companies to achieve full observability into their environments in order to visualise and track the performance of their infrastructure, networks and applications in real-time. LogicMonitor is embedded with automation and intelligence that helps ITOps and developer teams manage container environments, networks, applications, logs, and software configurations. The cloud-based software platform also proactively alerts IT teams to anomalies or error and performance issues within an infrastructure so they can troubleshoot issues before they negatively affect a business. LogicMonitor’s automated device discovery feature saves valuable engineering time by extending monitoring to over 2,100 technology integrations across the IT stack with zero coding required.

LogicMonitor’s SaaS architecture provides the stable and reliable IT foundation Australian companies require in order to achieve business success in today’s digital world. It’s a one-stop-shop solution for Australian enterprises looking to consolidate all of their infrastructure monitoring, log aggregation and error and application performance monitoring needs into a single platform. And while tool consolidation makes it easier to achieve visibility into a company’s end-to-end technology ecosystem, it also enables companies to reduce spend on overhead expenses and costly cloud overages.

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