Loopit has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Tech Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2022. The Australian Business Award for Tech Innovation [TIA] recognises products and services that provide innovative technological solutions for business and market needs.

In a post-COVID era, individuals are becoming attracted towards alternative means of car ownership. This has lead to the rise of car subscription as a future-facing business model, where many businesses are now looking to offer their customers a more flexible and affordable means of access to a vehicle.

Loopit provides software as a service for dealerships, OEMs and other emerging car subscription providers to offer their own vehicles for subscription to customers. Loopit also provides “subscription in a box” including the software, consulting, training and services they need to integrate subscriptions into their existing businesses. By offering a configurable platform, Loopit is able to empower industry stakeholders to launch and manage their own car subscription program in a way that meets the needs of their own market. The all-in-one platform provides businesses with end-to-end solutions so that they can:

● seamlessly manage their car subscription service without having to rely on several separate software modules with questionable levels of integration
● achieve workflow efficiencies by reducing time and manual effort spent on handling administrative tasks
● focus on core competencies such as acquiring fleet and delivering exceptional customer experiences

These solutions include, but are not limited to:

● KYC management, including identity verification and credit assessment
● embedded point of sales
● white label functionality
● automated usage billing and recurring payments
● automated invoice generation
● vehicle fleet management

While Loopit has positioned itself as a B2B technology platform for automotive businesses, the platform is also inherently consumer-facing as a point of sale solution for car subscription. Loopit provides the subscription technology to businesses who in turn provide car subscription to consumers, so it would be more accurate to say we are B2B2C. Loopit is essentially the technology behind consumer-facing subscription companies.

For more information about Loopit, visit loopit.co

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