Certis Security Australia

Certis Security Australia has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Technology in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Business Technology [BTM] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business technology management.

Over the last few years, our colleagues at Certis Security Australia have focused on developing our organisation, taking it from a traditional guarding and mobile patrol provider to an integrated security services provider. We have brought a heritage company into the modern age, and we are honoured to have that development acknowledged with the Australian Business Award for Business Technology.

We are proud to be recognised as a security and technology company, striving always to provide innovative solutions tailored to the varied needs of our customers. It is a testament to the drive of all our Certis colleagues nationally and globally that we consistently deliver excellence, and we look forward to continuing to grow our status as a technological power in the years to come.

Ying Loong Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Certis Security Australia

Certis Security Australia is a physical security provider combining advanced security solutions with technology into one seamless, integrated solution. The brand prides itself on anticipating problems and providing innovative solutions across a wide range of security services. Certis Security Australia has over 100 years of experience in the local market, from local brand acquisitions. Certis Security’s global presence enables it to provide a unique offering to customers, consisting of local knowledge combined with global resources.

The brand identified a need to undergo a digital transformation project, highlighted by deficiencies in several areas, including end-to-end processes and cost efficiency not as strong as it should be. The transformation will involve implementing digitised processes and procedures. The business also sought to implement more data-driven decision-making in its day-to-day operations as part of the transformation.

The company required a deep level of knowledge and expertise to carry out this initiative. This level of knowledge and expertise was crucial in ensuring the initiative’s success. The team responsible for the initiative had a strong background in security operations, technology, and project management. They worked closely with RCs, internal stakeholders and clients to develop and implement the initiative. Certis Security also worked closely with its employees, applying its Design Thinking framework. Certis Security Australia wants to approach their transformation with a human-centric solution that employees are a part of.

As such, Certis Security Australia embarked on its digital transformation journey in 2022, with the view of it concluding in 2025. The first phase of the transformation project focused on reducing cost-to-serve through digitalising business operations and processes, largely centred around billing performance. The first year has yielded strong results already, highlighted by the $1m cost reduction and 85% improvement in billing.

For information about Certis Security Australia, visit certisgroup.com

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