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Future Maintenance Technologies has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Technology in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Business Technology [BTM] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business technology management.

Our vision at Future Maintenance Technologies is to transform the landscape of transport maintenance. We’re working on creating a future where robots, equipped with cutting-edge AI and machine learning, seamlessly take on the responsibility of maintaining transport assets. We are delighted to receive the ABA100® Business Technology (BTM) award by The Australian Business Awards, which recognises our Train Examination System (TRES). TRES is a novel autonomous inspection robot for rolling stock that conducts inspections of rail assets designed to reduce risks, optimise performance, address labour shortage and cut down life-cycle costs. We are progressing towards our ambitious goals, where we aren’t merely breaking new ground; we’re crafting an entirely new narrative, revolutionising how maintenance is perceived.

Future Maintenance Technologies, thinkfmt.com

Future Maintenance Technologies (FMT) is an Australian company that provides Global Automated Maintenance Services using robotics and data analytics. FMT was established in 2021 by five passionate Australians based in Sydney and Brisbane. They have combined their extensive experience in Asset Management, Robotics, Engineering, and Data Analytics to offer Global Automated Maintenance Services. Their capability includes the development of sensors for inspecting industrial assets, toolsets for data and insight, and integrated software for deploying robots into operation. 

FMT’s primary target market is the rail industry, and they offer a suite of products designed to optimise maintenance strategy and industrial operations. FMT offers its products as a managed service, providing end-to-end solutions. 

FMT has developed robotic solutions that automate data capture to determine asset conditions and allow organisations to prioritise the assets that need maintenance intervention. FMT’s flagship initiative is The Train Examination System (TRES), an autonomous inspection robot for rolling stock that conducts inspections of rail assets using state-of-the-art robotics and proprietary sensor technology. The TRES initiative is a battery-powered robotic platform that operates and performs inspections inside and outside the maintenance facilities. The robot uses advanced technology such as LiDAR, laser, and optics to collect high-resolution imagery and profile data, which is processed through FMT’s data analytics platform and can be pushed to the client’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS). The key benefits of TRES include improving safety, streamlining operations, and reducing overall lifecycle costs. 

For information about FMT, visit thinkfmt.com

Train Examination System (TRES)

Train Examination System (TRES)

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