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MYOB Business has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Cloud Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Cloud Innovation [CLD] recognises cloud-based products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs.

MYOB is a business management platform with the core purpose of helping unleash the potential of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. With approximately 2000 employees across 9 locations in Australia and New Zealand, MYOB delivers end-to-end business and accounting solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Over the past three years, MYOB has evolved to support businesses to easily adapt to their changing needs by integrating key processes and tasks (beyond accounting) in one place. The MYOB evolution from accounting software to a business management platform helps businesses be more connected, decisive, and adaptable to save time, make informed decisions and scale up.

The business management platform is designed to help businesses manage their customers, supply chain, employees, projects, finances, and accounting and tax. By consolidating all business processes in one place, the need to switch between multiple end-point solutions is eliminated, reducing hassle and increasing efficiency. With automatic syncing across the platform, data entry and reconciliation are effortless.

MYOB’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) segment offers MYOB Business, a cloud-based platform designed to support customers in managing their entire business operations rather than just their accounting or payroll. It provides an integrated series of features that directly benefit multiple parts of a business, including tracking income and expenses, managing sales, suppliers and bills, employees and payroll, business health and performance, collecting payments from customers, managing financing and loans, recording inventory and forecasting stock management. The industries that can benefit from such solutions include recreation services, utilities, forestry, healthcare, arts, fishing, retail, hospitality, mining, insurance services, administration, accommodation, construction, social assistance, agriculture, financial services, real estate, and more.

MYOB Business is sold directly through the MYOB website and a network of business partners, with phone and digital support available for customers. MYOB Business is designed for ambitious small to medium businesses focused on growth, and its customer value proposition is “MYOB Business simplifies SME accounting and operations with an all-in-one system, freeing up time to work in new and better ways. Manage quotes, invoicing, payroll, and finances, with access to financial services, integration, reporting, and support”. MYOB’s business management platform is a solution that meets the needs of businesses that want to start, survive, and succeed. From sole traders who are getting started to medium enterprises with growth ambitions, MYOB and its business management platform help meet the needs of Australian and New Zealand businesses.

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