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Exco Partners has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Digital Transformation in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Digital Transformation [DTR] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in digital transformation. 

Exco Partners are an Australian Consulting and Digital Service company. Exco Partners deliver innovative digital solutions to improve their client’s business performance and customer engagement and provide positive digital change. Exco Partners combine years of experience with data, industry insight, creativity, and research to deliver measurable, pragmatic, and actionable solutions for their customer’s unique needs. Based in Melbourne, Exco Partners services customers across Australia in private and public sectors, including financial services, media, insurance, retail, education, utilities, and local / state / federal government. Exco Partner’s services include change management, customer experience design, process improvement and automation, project management, data and integration solutions and the development of digital systems designed to simplify and improve business operations.

ResourceSmart Schools (RSS) is a leading, internationally recognised sustainability and climate change education program offered by Sustainability Victoria (SV). The structured framework and facilitated support provide guidance, knowledge, and skills to achieve measurable environmental change within and beyond the school gate. By participating in the program, schools implement appropriate solar generation systems, energy efficiency and other sustainable practices (water efficiency, improved waste management, and biodiversity improvement) through curriculum, school operations, culture and community.

Despite the highly successful RSS program, SV faced a significant problem with declining user participation attributable to the legacy web application, RSS Online. RSS Online was a legacy web application built on ageing technology that caused a range of user-related issues driving user decline and therefore needed to be updated. Sustainability Victoria engaged Exco Partners to address these challenges by utilising contemporary web development to engage with school communities and establish new ways to interact with these groups to bring sustainable benefits.

The new ResourceSmart Schools application was deployed into production in time for Term 3 of the school year 2022, delivering:

  • A digital platform for the Sustainability Victoria internationally recognised program for sustainability within schools.
  • Access to the platform for over 3,000 Victorian schools and learning institutions.
  • Digital program supporting sustainable resource usage for electricity, water, waste, gas, and paper usage.

For information about Exco Partners, visit excopartners.com

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