Baskin-Robbins has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Marketing Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence [MXA] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in marketing. 

Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty stores. Baskin-Robins entered the Aussie market in 1990 and now has 82 franchises nationwide. Due to the arrival of new boutiques, artisan ice cream and gelato brands, Baskin-Robins decided to develop new approaches and campaigns to reposition itself within the Australian market. Baskin-Robins innovate by developing increasingly creative and playful product ranges and partnerships with confectionery suppliers.

This renewed focus on NPD, coupled with a heavy emphasis on brand experience and immersive digital experiences, has enabled Baskin-Robins to turn its declining market share around and post healthy sales growth. This is why, as summer 2022 approached, the pressure was on to deliver another inventive campaign that would grab the attention of their target audiences and provide year-on-year sales uplift for their franchisees.

Armed with consumer insights, Baskin-Robins developed a clear strategic direction for their campaign: give Aussies the tools, products and excuses they need to get out there and celebrate. Baskin-Robins decided they needed an approach and tone of voice that didn’t feel too junior and that could be adapted to suit our different audiences. They developed a playful and ownable line to encapsulate their campaign to celebrate any excuse to party: ‘Bring on the Baskins’.

Bring on the Baskins featured three key elements:

  1. A limited edition Confetti range. Inspired by confetti and exploding party poppers, it consisted of 3 unique cone flavours, catering to kids, young adults and mums. The range included the ‘Lolly Bag’, the ‘Choc Fountain’ and the ‘Glitter Bomb’.
  2. The Permission to Party Excuse Generator. An interactive, mobile-first digital experience that allowed users to create and then share their own weird and wonderful excuses from a random selection of phrases curated by Baskin-Robins. Playing the Excuse Generator also doubled as the entry mechanic for the third strand in the campaign:
  3. A nationwide competition to win free ice cream for life. To give fans a compelling reason to engage with our campaign, we offered the ultimate prize – a lifetime supply of Baskin-Robbins so the party never has to stop.

To define their promotion channels, Baskin-Robbins knew from previous campaigns that their key audience segments primarily use mobile to access the internet, and their digital platforms of choice are Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. As such, their media budget was predominantly digital and consisted of paid ads across our audience’s preferred social channels alongside a series of carefully selected influencer partnerships and an organic social campaign across BR’s owned channels.

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