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Specsavers ANZ – QuickPay for Windows has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Process Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Process Innovation [PCS] recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the field of business process improvement.

“We are thrilled that Specsavers has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Process Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2023.

As the largest provider of eye care in Australia, our mission is to change lives through better sight and hearing, and that starts with ensuring accessible and affordable eye care for all Australians. Which is why we are committed to continuously innovating and improving our in-store systems, providing an exceptional customer experience for every customer, every time.

Our teams recognised an opportunity to remove the single transaction point within each store by utilising technology and integration to turn every dispense desk into a customer transaction point, adding 5, 10 or even 20 new locations within stores. This instantly removed bottlenecks, improving ease and convenience for our store team members and customers alike.

We are proud to receive such a prestigious award recognising our ongoing commitment to innovating and enhancing our in-store experience for everyone.”

Gareth Dixon, Director of Central Operations, Specsavers ANZ

Specsavers is the leading eye care provider in Australia and New Zealand, servicing more than 40% of the eye care market in Australia. Specsavers’ vision is to ensure everyone has access to the highest quality eye and hearing care services, and through its stores and people, Specsavers works to change lives through better sight and hearing. Their mission is to provide everybody with the best value in optometry and audiology, clearly and consistently.

With over 380 stores and over 4 million customers coming through Specsavers Australian store doors every year, listening to team members and customer feedback to optimise the customer journey and provide an exceptional experience in every store every time is critical.

In November 2022, Specsavers implemented QuickPay for Windows, a streamlined way for team members to process customer transactions from any dispense desk in the store, removing physical bottlenecks on the shop floor and reducing the time needed for customers and team members alike, enhancing the in-store experience.

With a focus on efficiencies, integrating platforms and removing the need for dependencies on Wi-Fi connection and manual logins, innovations such as QuickPay for Windows significantly improve the speed team members can process customer transactions. With everyone needing more time in their days, reducing the time customers need to wait for their transaction to be completed by nearly two minutes and removing the need for customers to queue at a single till within the store has been highly advantageous.

QuickPay for Windows drastically increased the number of locations in a store where transactions could be processed. In addition, by replicating existing practice management systems and integrating them into Windows clients, this innovation required little training and engagement for widespread and consistent adoption in every Australian store from go-live as the solution was designed to replicate the physical till in-store.

Customers and team members have reported a significantly improved experience that reduces unnecessary pain points and enhances convenience for a busy retail environment.

For information about Specsavers, visit specsavers.com

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