Payapps has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for SaaS Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for SaaS Innovation [SSI] recognises software as a service products that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs.

Payapps is a technology company founded in Australia before expanding to the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. It is part of the Payapps Company (formerly Zuuse), a global business with expertise in construction payments and facilities management.

Within the construction industry, managing progress payment claims on construction projects is an inefficient mix of disparate systems, spreadsheets, handwritten notes and emails. These claims are often printed out, couriered, stored and misplaced, leading to payment and project delays, fractured working relationships, breaches of legislated payment standards and adjudication. This manual process also costs both main contractors and subcontractors a significant amount of time every month. So many things can and do go wrong within the progress payment claims that will often lead to delays in payments to subcontractors, impacting cash flow right through the construction project value chain. Subcontractors will also often work with multiple main contractors, often with different formats between projects for the same builder. This lack of consistency is inefficient, and the transient nature of relationships means little investment in standardising claim formats and processes.

Payapps is a unique, cloud-based collaboration tool for the construction industry that brings main contractors and subcontractors together to standardise the process for payment claim submissions and approval for payment for construction projects. The mission of the Payapps team is to make construction progress payments simpler, fairer and faster for all. This online collaboration mechanism, Payapps, has introduced standardisation across the industry. Access to the same financial data, with the same calculations and classification of variations by status, means both contract parties work from the same page. There is clarity and transparency so they can focus on delivering built environments.

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