Compliant Learning Resources

Compliant Learning Resources has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Training Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Training Innovation [TRI] recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for business and market needs in the fields of education and training.

Compliant Learning Resources is an Australian-based company that develops training resources for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). These include Technical and Further Education (TAFEs), enterprise, training organisations, community colleges, schools, universities, and other organisations offering nationally recognised and accredited training under the Australian vocational education and training (VET) system. With its extensive experience in the industry, initially in owning and operating Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and a decade of commercial training resource development, the company ensures its training materials are relevant, unique, and comprehensive. 

Several features make Compliant Learning Resources’ training materials stand out. The Learning Resources are comprehensive and provide detailed information for students and trainers alike, while the Assessment Tools are easy to follow, help students demonstrate competency in required skills and support assessors in making consistent decisions when assessing student work. 

Additionally, CLR has partnered with an external eLearning development company to deliver interactive eLearning resources aligned to the training resources compatible with most learning management systems (LMS), contains video learning and interactive activities, and is easily accessible, further enhancing the student experience. Other equally important inclusions such as the Validation Acceptance Certificate, Vocational Placement Kit, Unlimited Student Licensing Model, Audit Rectification Assistance, and Free Updates ensure that Compliant Learning Resources offers premium quality content and services for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). 

In summary, Compliant Learning Resources is a company that offers innovative and comprehensive training resources designed to meet the needs of modern learners. With its rigorous development process and focus on research, the company ensures that its training materials are high-quality but also relevant and up-to-date. By partnering with an eLearning developer, the company has taken the learning experience to a new level. RTOs and learners benefit from the unique features and benefits offered by Compliant Learning Resources’ training materials. 

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