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Tata Consultancy Services has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Training Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for Training Excellence [TRX] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to education and training.

“As a leading global transformation and growth partner in 46 countries, working with over 1,000 organisations across the world, TCS has over 500,000 of the world’s best-trained, innovators including 20,000 talented consultants working with Australian businesses. TCS supports its employees with a guided talent framework to continuously learn, help employees grow in their careers and equip them with tools and processes to support ongoing digital technology proficiency. TCS has focused on redesigning many components of the learning ecosystem ensuring ‘Anytime, ‘Anywhere, Any device’ learning.”

Prabal Chatterjee, Head of Human Resources, TCS Australia & New Zealand

The fast-paced evolution of technology and digital projects calls for the need of deep skilling in digital technologies for workforce across industries. TCS Australia have a razor-sharp focus on enterprise-wide readiness in digital technologies in alignment with business objectives. It is crucial to achieving business unit goals of 100% fulfilment of open resource requirements through internal fulfilment and training. Furthermore, there was a need to increase the deepening of these skills for a certain section of employees so that they could specialise as architects and consultants in digital technologies leading customer facing roles and projects as business demanded.

Deep skilling in digital technologies implies having a clear understanding of the advanced concepts of technologies and being able to work in the areas independently. TCS provides employees and its business with a guided talent framework to continuously learn and acquire higher level of proficiency across digital technologies. The multipronged strategy towards increasing skills in digital technologies aims at: developing Digital Champions within the organisation, providing the right opportunities for digital-trained employees to be part of digital Projects, helping deliver transformation projects more effectively, gaining higher mindshare among customers, and enabling higher growth for TCS in digital sphere.

TCS has focused on redesigning many components of the learning ecosystem ensuring ‘Anytime, ‘Anywhere, Any device’ learning through various models, more so since the outbreak of pandemic. These include:
• Digital – online courses, webinars
• Phygital – part in-person, part digital, blended learning
• Integrated Digital Learning Platform – ‘iEvolve’ is the ‘Learning Management System’ which seamlessly connects to multiple internal/external content, stores, and reports data for analytics.
• Gamified learning – Fresco Play a platform developed internally, offers both micro-learning and learning journeys in a simple and exploratory manner. It provides one-touch access to sandboxes allowing learners to code, build prototypes, test, and learn.
• Access to high quality content – In partnership with external learning providers, platform seamlessly integrates with external certified courses and learning applications. Employees have access to the digital technologies learning content available across these platforms.

The concept of T-shaped digital skills is to determine an accurate quantified view of employee’s digital capabilities. The computation uses a custom-developed algorithm to measure the depth of expertise in a particular digital technology and width of knowledge across digital technologies respectively.

TCS collaborates with their education partners such as, AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud and Salesforce, to enable training programs and certification drives towards accelerating Deep Digital Skilling journey for employees locally.

Over 800 employees, at TCS Australia, have been trained in Advanced Digital Technologies with more than 400 employees certified and mapped to Digital E2 (Experience) and E3 (Expert) levels of proficinecies internally. Furthermore, upliftment for the digital projects through internal pool of Digital Skilled employees has significantly contrbuted to increase in revenue share from digital projects by 7% over the last 12 months.

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