Institute of Applied Psychology

The Institute of Applied Psychology has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Training Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2023. The Australian Business Award for Training Excellence [TRX] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to education and training.

The Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) was founded in 2003 by Gordon and Barbara Young and became a Registered Training Organisation in 2012. 

During this period, over 10,000 students have graduated from a range of IAP courses in applied psychology: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Mental Health, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Strategic Psychotherapy.

IAP students are mainly practising mental health professionals – including mindset coaches, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists and psychotherapists – and career changers looking to start their counselling practices. Collectively, they contribute to improving the mental health of the clientele they serve, their families and wider communities, advancing societal well-being and mitigating anxiety and depression disorder. 

As reported by the University of Queensland in a 2021 report addressing soaring depression and anxiety disorder rates, Australians, young and old, have experienced enormous mental health deterioration during the COVID-19 pandemic. The full effects of isolation and associated trauma on individuals, families, and the wider community are only recently beginning to be understood. 

Throughout COVID-19, IAP has extended its course offerings to address the mental health epidemic. IAP has also pivoted to an on-demand, online delivery mode so that practitioners across Australia (and worldwide) can access its courses and combine study with work and family life. IAP’s student body now includes students from every state and territory and from across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Demonstrating further how its ethos is to go “above and beyond”, IAP offers continuing learning and career support to IAP graduates with complimentary resources, including the IAP Learning Annex and the Find a Practitioner directory. 

IAP has committed itself to making an impact on over 10 million lives in the next ten years.

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