Top Blokes Foundation has been selected as Charity of the Year in The Australian Charity Awards 2022.

The Australian Charity Awards program recognises charitable organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that have significantly benefited charitable causes. The Australian Charity Award for Outstanding Achievement [OAA] is presented, culminating in an overall winner for The Australian Charity of the Year [CHY].

The Top Blokes Foundation has achieved national recognition for its success in piloting and scaling a unique and innovative peer-mentoring program that achieves impactful outcomes in young men’s mental health and wellbeing.

With an independent study conducted by EY finding that Top Blokes mentees improve four times more than young males without a Top Blokes mentor the program has grown rapidly and doubled its geographic footprint in the last five years.

Top Blokes Foundation’s Mentoring Program has seen significant success which includes supporting 16,000 young males across NSW and QLD. Their evidence-based holistic programs address a range of topics in a manner that cuts through in a fun and interactive manner which leaves participants with;

• 74% improvement in mental health;
• 77% improvement in life skills and outlook;
• 78% reduction in anti-social behaviours.

On average the programs save schools $53,000 on average and has resulted in boys being more engaged at school and in their community.

Top Blokes has 90-95% retention rates in schools they are partnering with and has always been in hot demand because of the impact the program has had on young males and its ability to reach through to boys when no one else can.

The program introduces a range of topics including drugs and alcohol, discrimination, mental health and anger management.

All Top Blokes Foundation’s programs incorporate Howard Gardeners Multiple Intelligences Theory which has proven to increase program participation and therefore improve social outcomes.

Top Blokes Foundation recognises the complexity of violence and therefore its prevention. Proposed workshop topics are based on six specific program objectives, underpinned by the socio-ecological model for understanding violence. These topics challenge the attitudes and behaviours of its male participants by positively impacting extrinsic and intrinsic factors that would otherwise increase an individual’s propensity towards violence and discrimination.

Top Blokes programming was developed out of a high demand from schools for services that were specialized for young males due to high levels of disengagement from schools, poor mental health and disruptive behviour. In engaging young males in a fun and interactive manner peer mentoring has been able to deliver outcomes far beyond initial expectations.

In developing the program to ensure maximum outcomes for young males despite financial repercussions – Top Blokes uniquely positioned their program as the only weekly mentoring program that goes for 6 months with paid, qualified mentors.

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