GIVIT has been recognised for Outstanding Achievement in The Australian Charity Awards 2023. The Australian Charity Award for Outstanding Achievement [OAA] recognises charitable organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that have significantly benefited charitable causes.

GIVIT is delighted to be recognised by the Australian Charity Awards for our Community Resilience Program.

With Australia facing more natural disasters, GIVIT has become a critical partner for communities impacted by an emergency event. By supporting local charities, GIVIT empowers local communities to request exactly what they need for their own recovery. Purchasing locally wherever possible, GIVIT builds community resilience, supports the recovery of local economies and ensures donations do no harm.

We’re proud to have provided more than eight million donations of essential goods and services to people in need across Australia since we began.

Sarah Tennant, GIVIT CEO

GIVIT is a national not-for-profit donation that has designed a management e-solution that strengthens community disaster resilience. Using a digital platform to inform and facilitate community-led disaster recovery, GIVIT aims to help communities better prepare, respond and recover from a disaster by ensuring donations do no harm during an emergency and are instead directed to fill a genuine need. 

Partnering with more than 4,500 support organisations across Australia, GIVIT ensures people get exactly what they need when they need it most – whether recovering from a disaster event or experiencing hardship due to circumstances such as domestic and family violence, homelessness, disability, and mental health. GIVIT supports a community-led recovery model that strives to achieve strong community participation throughout recovery.

By capturing donations online, GIVIT also enables these partner organisations to focus on delivering their core community service, reducing the significant administrative and financial cost of managing donations and offers of help. is free, private, and easy for all donors and registered community services.

100% of publicly donated money received by GIVIT is used to purchase essential items and services needed by people and communities impacted. GIVIT is committed to purchasing locally wherever possible to aid the economic recovery of affected communities. Government contracts and corporate partners cover GIVIT’s operational costs.

Previous disasters and emergencies, including the Black Summer Bushfires, the 2022 Queensland and New South Wales floods and Kimberley floods in January 2023, have highlighted the not-for-profit sector’s pivotal role in community-led recovery and the enhancement of disaster resilience. 

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