Rural Aid

Rural Aid Ltd has been recognised for Outstanding Achievement in The Australian Charity Awards 2023. The Australian Charity Award for Outstanding Achievement [OAA] recognises charitable organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that have significantly benefited charitable causes.

Founded in 2015, Rural Aid has earned a reputation as Australia’s most trusted rural charity. The charity was established in response to the severe “Millennium Drought” that was affecting thousands of farmers and rural communities. Rural Aid provides essential services to farmers and their families, including financial assistance, fodder, domestic water, mental health support, and education programs. Rural Aid also runs community initiatives, such as its Our Towns and Community Builders programs, to help build stronger and more resilient rural communities. Famous for its hugely successful Buy a Bale program, which delivered thousands of hay bales nationwide, the charity has significantly expanded its offerings.

The flagship Buy a Bale program is now just one element of the charity’s Disaster Assistance program. The Disaster Assistance program was created to improve the support Australia’s primary producers receive in times of natural disaster.

As droughts, bushfires, and floods increase in number and severity, Rural Aid has pivoted to support farmers better. Rural Aid has invested significant time and resources to ensure it’s there for farmers at all stages of the disaster lifecycle.

The disaster lifecycle details the different phases that a victim of a natural disaster will experience. These phases are; Response, Recovery, Preparation and Prevention. Historically, Rural Aid has poured the most resources into the Recovery phase. The charity has addressed farmers’ needs in this phase by providing emergency fodder, water, and financial assistance resources.

Rural Aid’s Disaster Assistance program now encompasses all four stages of the disaster lifecycle. Rural Aid’s emphasis on mental health counselling, volunteer programs, community building and educational programs reflect this important change.

Rural Aid’s move towards a more holistic approach has been a resounding success. An increase in farmer registrations, counselling sessions and volunteer events proves the success of the Disaster Assistance program.

Rural Aid relies heavily on its generous donors and dedicated corporate partners. Rural Aid doesn’t receive any ongoing government funding. The charity promises to use donor funds as effectively and powerfully as possible. Rural Aid’s investment in the Disaster Assistance program embodies this promise. Rural Aid stands with our farmers when they need it most.

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